Times Square Extraordinaire® by Coast to Coast Permits® officially launches.  Luxury brands and select agencies choose Coast to Coast Permits® for all their permit and logistics needs nationwide.  Having access to all the premium event support in the industry, Creative Agencies call upon  C2C Permits® to bring their clients’ vision to life. There is no better place to execute these events, but to “Own the World’s Largest Stage!” Times Square Extraordinaire® handles the permits & logistics, acquires multiple Pedestrian Plazas, multiple LED signs, VIP Space,  Private parking lots and Security. We work closely with the best production companies and assure the best activation that allows your client to own the ground and the air.

For Package Pricing, please call Sharon Miller at 973-534-7643, or email at Sharon@CoastToCoastPermits.com

TIMES SQUARE TAKEOVER™ by Coast to Coast Permits™ for Kawasaki® Ninja® Reveal.



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