Private Lots ~ Special Event Services Series

WELCOME TO OUR “SPECIAL EVENT SERVICES SERIES.” Our articles will cover ‘Special Event 101’ guidance throughout the year. Check back for our new articles.

No matter what the event size, PERMITS and LICENSES are required for events. We continue to assure our clients that they are always covered with the appropriate PERMITS and LICENSES for their events.

Too often, brands and agencies assume that PRIVATE PROPERTY excludes them from getting permits and approvals from the city. Private parking lots are in the top five, for ‘killing” experiential events. I have witnessed brands secure a lot, skip the permit process because the lot owner said no permits were required …… WRONG!!!! $750k later, that event can’t open to the public.

You are changing the use of the lot, and that will require a TUP (Temporary Use Permit. The name can change from city to city, but the premise is exactly the same. For example, in Phoenix (Super Bowl Host City 2023,) this ATUP (Administrative Temporary Use Permit) requires a city planning review, and they take place once a month. LEAD TIMES certainly get pushed back in these circumstances.

TPA’s (Temporary Public Assembly) are often a requirement that is left out, when a novice tries to navigate the world of PERMITS and LOGISTICS. We hope that your event attracts more than 50 people, and if it does; the city will require a TPA. This can vary from city to city. Some of these TPA’s go through the DOB (Department of Building) while others go through the Fire Department in that city.

The key to a successful event, is making sure that all the required permits and approvals are secured.

*Do you have a TOPIC you want more information about? Email us, and we will be sure to include it on our “Special Event Services Series.”

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